• Navy Proximal WebTM

    Create, Manage, & Deliver Training Content.

    • Supports Sailor 2025 training initiatives.
    • Advances warfighter performance.
    • Virtual manuals for battlespace equipment.
    • Reduces high costs relevant to MPT&E.
  • Emergency Threat Management

    Provide Interoperable Communication.

    • Deliver data fusion across multiple organizations.
    • Extends reach for Computer Assisted Dispatching.
    • Provide near building and occupancy information.
    • Display identifiers for POCs and hostiles in the field.
  • Military Bases, Ports, and Airfields

    Reduce Physical Documentation Distribution.

    • Deploy agendas, schedules, & compliancy posters.
    • Advance T&E College training methods.
    • Manage interdepartmental documentation.
    • Link user guides to improve asset management.
  • DoD STEM Classrooms & Museums

    Map STEM Content to DoD Focused Training.

    • Aligns with DoD STEM learning initiatives.
    • Provides Museum tour guide capabilities.
    • Promotes multimedia engagement opportunities.
    • Supports in-app Treasure Hunts and Tours.