• Awareness

    Get noticed. A lot.

    • Make your business easy to find using wireless beacons or your Wi-Fi.
    • Reach new customers.
    • Stand out from your competition.
    • Learn about products and services without downloading new apps.
  • Sharing

    Spread the word.

    • Tease upcoming events.
    • Announce new arrivals.
    • Broadcast flash sales and daily specials.
    • Tell your customers more about your products and services.
  • Engagement

    Join the conversation.

    • Provide a better customer service experience.
    • Entertain and educate.
    • Let your customers interact using their own devices.
    • Listen for feedback that will help your business grow.
  • Proximal Experiences

    Leverage the latest technology.

    • Interact directly with customers through mobile applications.
    • Market to the people around your business.
    • Provide interactive tours and product demos.
    • Turn window shoppers into window buyers.