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FutureOrb™ technology templates allow instructors to deliver a Proximal Web™ of custom content called Orbs to a students mobile device, using the locations existing Wi-Fi and the FutureOrb bluetooth beacon hardware technology.

Videos & Images

Engage students with online multimedia to enhance in class discussions or training on complex equipment.

Sites & Forms

Create Orbs from individual pages of a website, forms, or surveys to any selected classroom or zone.

Treasure Hunts

Create custom treasure hunts to gamify your location, or link to HTML5 web-based learning games to enhance the fun.

Tours & Quizzes

Guide students throughout a location and Quiz them on the knowledge that they have attained across campus.

Small in Scale,

Dynamically Configurable.

Control the proximal area in which your content is delivered (from 2 meters to 80 meters*) using our FutureOrb Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) beacons. Then create FutureOrb Beacon groups to attach Orb content to unlimited beacons, all through the FutureOrb online Content Management System.

* To make this process even more intuitive, we have developed an app called Beacon Wizard.

Download Beacon Wizard

Personalized FutureOrb Application

FutureOrb™ now offers custom app "white label" services, which allow organizations to personalize their own FutureOrb application. Personalized features can include custom colors, logo, web links, about page, and much more!



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