Link Your Wireless Devices

Connect your smartphone, tablet, and other devices to your wireless name.

Enhance training, communications and security

Use FutureOrb mobile app on DoD mobile devices for proximal engagements.


Find New Customers

Create a wireless presence using beacons and other devices.

Make your business easy to find!

The FutureOrb mobile app helps people discover & engage with your business.

Download the FutureOrb Mobile App!

Orbs are like mobile web sites that are connected to wireless devices.

Use the FutureOrb mobile app to browse nearby Proximal Web Orbs, such as chat sessions, music streams, videos, URL links, and more!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • I've registered a Wireless Name. Now what?

    Congratulations on claiming your Wireless Name and welcome to FutureOrb!

    Log into your FutureOrb account and link your wireless devices (beacons, routers, etc.) to your Wireless Name. Create Orbs using our Proximal WebTM portal to deliver your content to those nearby.

  • How do I find other Orbs?

    Finding Orbs is easy--and fun! Simply download the FutureOrb Proximal WebTM mobile app and start looking for Orbs nearby. The app is available from Google Play and the Apple Store.

  • Can my wireless name expire?

    Just like a domain name, a wireless name will expire if not renewed, and then it will be available for someone else to register. The expiration date is tied to the plan you choose. However, you can choose auto-renew to ensure your wireless identity is always available.

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